Can a surface made from tree and water really open up a window to a new world? Hope answers this with an endearing YES.

There was a time when I believed dreams to be “not of this world,” unrealistic, impossible. And then I was offered a seed. This seed that would grow to be a dream realized, made real. No longer existing somewhere I could not see it, but rooting, emerging from the ground, and becoming before my eyes, this dream, a gateway, would reveal a path. I didn’t have to receive this seed, but I made a choice. Finally. The path is under my feet, as it is under yours, and with each step forward the seed is nurtured and I, myself, become.

I am Mother and Defender of Dreams.


On this path, I am called to create. Creating is a journey too. In this process, I choose to connect to Spirit and to Water, and sometimes to others as well. Through this connection and with an intention to let go and just be, pools of water arise, colors swirl, marks are made. I’m uncertain of how these works will evolve, but they are meant for this world to reveal windows to a new one. Well, not really a new one. It is a world that is here, but takes wide eyes to see.