Words From Winter

With cold air comes

Clear trees

Clear towns

Clear thought

Hike to Rock Garden - 11.13.17


Until the spring returns

The moss will hold her color,

A pillow releasing sweet dreams

Of green past

And green future.

Hike to Beaver Skull - 11.16.17


The night is dark but vibrant.

This wind howls louder

   and your breathing vibrates

   the chill in the air.

The glow of the moon glows brighter

   and I see our love take shape

       within these walls,

       within these bodies,



                            hearts beating.

When all my loves are sleeping - 12.10.17


There is blue upstream.

There is green downstream.

And here, right here, there is gold.

Here, right here, in the sun’s arms

The light kisses every rock, every ripple, every bed of river sand.


After moment

After moment

After moment

All glowing golden.

Sitting on a sun rock at the river - 12.13.17


In winter the water takes new form.

The sandy beaches extend as ice out over the current, inviting furry paws to step out further,  to walk on water.

Shapes looping, swirling, undulating freeze your gaze.

The moving water breathes below, in and out, like a creature with no bounds.

The river is so clear it exists and it doesn’t all at the same time.

By a frozen Chattooga - 1.5.17