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Learning Lessons From Nature

All throughout the world and our time on it, there are great teachers who have wisdom to pass on to us. I have found such a teacher in Mother Nature. She is kind and so gracious. She knows when to let things settle on their own and when you need constant repetition for something to sink in. If you open your heart to her, you may be surprised by what she pours in.

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Opening Up and Letting It Flow

Here on this wonderful home we call Earth, I am Emma. Emma Alexandra. This is the name I was born into and am living to fulfill. I am a lover and am learning to be a fighter. I live for the little moments that speak to my soul - my dogs’ whiskers and my man’s, the mica at the bottom of the river. I am a writer because it is my true expression. I am a creator because creation is what inspires me. I am an observer because that is how my soul thrives.  

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