Let Stillness Be Your Canvas

Despite the biting chill in the air throughout the morning, here at the riverside on this small sandy beach, the sun shines down with a welcoming spring warmth. The sun is more than shining down from above really; it is shining from everything. Radiant white sand sparkled with mica. Trees glowing with new spring green foliage. Birds brightly calling to each other. All the ferns unfurling. There are bursts of barking between quiet observation and the surrounding sound of strong, rushing water upstream and downstream, but right here at this beach, the water steadies over the deepness. The surface stills. It is the perfect canvas for a light show. The wind dances across from shore to shore, breaking the water, reflecting the sun and illuminating her feet in graceful, brilliant echoes. All in effortless and glorious union of invisible strength meeting vulnerable stillness.