Golden Fog


A golden fog surrounds me as I take each step. Passing through my fingers, swirling in and around my calves, pulling my hair in any direction.

The way ahead is unclear; the path disappears into the future. I know it goes somewhere, but it will always remain a mystery. I feel both excitement and nervousness hug my insides closer together.

The path behind me becomes a haze. I certainly walked it but the memories are now logged, only to resurface in my dreams or in my mind’s eye when smell and sound take me back.

The fog is thick, filling an endless space with the opaque reflection of light bouncing around in its airy fields, sourced from the sun, the moon, the stars, and the wolf’s bright eyes. All around is this ocean of uncertainty, a beautiful, golden uncertainty at that.

But - right below my bare feet is the water, the rocks, the soil, the clarity. Right under my toes the fog dissipates. It bows, sweeping away its veil to reveal the window into this moment. It is here, now, where all is as it should be, perfectly clear, flooded in light.