To Be Curious About Curiosity

I am curious about Curiosity, and as of late I’m letting it fill up my life, inspiring and encouraging me into the unknown. A great part of this is simply allowing myself to BE curious. As a child, I caught on that Curiosity is dangerous. It will lead you down the wrong rabbit hole, into the wrong cave, knocking on the wrong door, straight into the jaws of trouble. And over time, this perspective grew to overshadow the other parts of Curiosity in order to keep me safe and out of harm’s way.  


It’s been quite the rock to crawl out from under, or maybe the kind mother’s wing, but in the light, oh how I have learned that Curiosity is a tenacious, loyal friend. It is the childhood friend who you’d run to, pulling on their hand, yelling, “Come look at this mud puddle I found in my backyard!” It is the friend that follows you straight there, no questions asked, brimming with excitement. I’ve been so inspired to become better friends with Curiosity again, learning to love them as one of the dearest parts of myself.

And so, with Curiosity as my guide, I’m diving in deep to new and old areas of my life. I’m learning how to work with the land, with the plants, and the water. I’m uncovering secrets, hidden treasures, within myself. I’m letting Curiosity work with my creative spirit to bring to life what has been asleep for a long, long time. In all of this, I’m even starting to be curious about what it truly means to really BE ME, to embody myself. I’m allowing Curiosity to guide me to these answers.


One of the most important things that I’ve learned along the way so far, the thing I want you to know, is this: Curiosity is safe. It is for you. It is a friend that you can trust. Following your curiosity will open your eyes to the wider world around you that exists right there at the end of your fingertips. The world that is already there, just waiting be noticed and explored. The world where reality and dreams are one and the same. There is a whole world inside that mud puddle, and YOU get to explore it. What fun can fill your life! And joy! And delight! And playfulness!  All the things that Curiosity can bring you are weightless gold, unseen riches.


It’s been challenging to trust in my curiosity again, but I know that I can because it is a tiny thread that has unravelled from my center. It has found its way to spot where I will notice it. Pull on it. As I pull, it leads me right back down to the very place where it started - my true self, the essence of who I am. The things that I am curious about are dreamy threads of this very real being that I am. The more I follow the threads not only does my relationship grow with this delightful friend who accompanies me on adventures, but I also get to know myself. I get to learn how to start expressing myself more fully, more authentically, more freely.

Aren’t you curious to know who that is? I know I am. We already know. It just usually gets clouded by trying to define it in the way we’re told to define things. But you know and I know. If you’ve lost sight, like I did, then find those little threads that spark Curiosity and grab hold of them. See where they lead you! I bet they will bring you right back to YOU. Maybe you can even take all of those threads that you’ve gathered on the way to weave or braid or knot the most beautiful thing that you know to be YOU.