I know how some days it can feel like everything and everyone is rushing past you, like you’re sitting amongst the swirling of life but you’re not in it. I know how it can feel when it seems your voice doesn’t make a sound and how a disconnection builds walls around your heart. I know. And I’m here to share what is healing me, with the hope that you can find healing too.

If you love uncovering beauty in the everyday or you need to find the beauty, if you finding nurture in outdoor spaces, then you’ll feel right at home following along with this adventure in connecting with nature. I believe it is this connection that helps foster our connection with all else in life. I believe it can heal us. I observe, write, and create and am sharing it all here.

Why am I so passionate about this? -- Read more!

So hello! I’m Emma Alexandra HERSHBERGER.

I reside in this magical place filled with pines and starlight, thread together by the Chattooga River. Some call it Chattooga Land. The river called to me, so I came, really the first time I ever answered that little voice inside. Here with my sweetheart and our two dog guides, I explore the world around me, hoping to grow into a deeper love and knowing of it each day. A connection with nature fosters a connection with other beings because all thrive from the same thing - love, awareness, grace and each other. It is my joy and hope to inspire this connection in you as I share my thoughts...

my view of this realm through river eyes. 



EMPOWER | I feel empowered by a walk through the woods, a sweet kitchen dance sesh, and making my own medicine.

INSPIRE | I find inspiration in the eyes of someone talking about their passions, my dogs’ whiskers and my man’s, and a fresh page in my journal.

CONNECT | I value connection with nature, spirit, and my other fellow humans, that means you too.

ADVOCATE | I believe each of our voices matter and are meant to be heard. You might find me shouting about conservation and equality for all.

GUIDE | I know there is quite a journey ahead, but there is a path under my feet. And there is one under yours too. I know you can find it and am here to help if I can.


I can’t wait to see where our connection leads.